United Mercantile Federation

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Mercantilist life is dominated by the belief that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Every person or group is expected to earn their keep, including the government. Capitalism and competition are central to their world view. Wealth is accepted as the essence of power and the measure of a person’s worth.

Mercantilists are somewhat amused by the Norlight infatuation with religion. They accept the Revisionist faith, but are not often motivated by it. Mercantilists hold conservative socio-political views, but are extremely pragmatic when discussing economic issues.

The United Mercantile Federation, as the name suggests, is a heavily- industrialized state. In fact, the UMF is responsible for nearly half of the manufactured goods available in the northern hemisphere. Citizens, called Mercantilists, are known for their ingenuity and opportunistic natures. While the Revisionist Church is well established, the citizens of the UMF tend to prefer money to religious pursuits.

The UMF is a capitalistic democracy with a Treasurer. The population is 27.7 million. The capital is Lyonnesse.

United Mercantile Federation

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