Into the Fire

Session 2
Korolov Missing

Alyson DeVries showed up, explaining that she thinks that Natalya Korolov is missing. She wants the story. After seeing a cover story that Natalya wasn’t going to be at the annual Lyonnesse business awards, Kayde agreed to look into it.

Karter escapes

Jaron Karter was discovered, eavesdropping on Alyson and Kayde’s discussion about Executive Korolov. He escaped.

Rayner Estates

Kayde fast-talked his way past the peace officers blocking the way into Rayner Estates. He and Alyson drove past where the attack occured, seeing several black trucks that were destroyed with explosives and gunfire. The Lyonnesse Peace Department and Northco Security were scouring the area.

Korolov Estate

Kayde and Alyson snuck onto the Korolov Estate, and into the servants quarters where they questioned Alyson’s brother, Andreus about the week before. He remembered seeing a shady man in a white suit that left unhappy. Kayde recorded the conversation. A corporate man with a bodyguard caught Kayde, found the tape and erased it. Alyson re-recorded it as he played it. They were kicked off the estate.

Scene of the Crime

Kayde and Alyson returned to the scene of the crime. Posing as peace officers, Kayde planted a mini-cam in the forensics vehicle. They joined in the hunt for the last surviving member of Executive Korolov’s security detail, one Silas Layne, who they believe to be responsible for the attack.

Jaron Returns

While searching, Kayde saw a suspicious peace officer, who turned out to be Jaron Karter, looking for signs of Korolov’s disappearance. He and Kayde engaged in a struggle, resulting in the discovery of an unusual track: a well-preserved bootprint with a stylized letter K in it. Kayde followed the track to a nearby stream, which led into an underground canal that was unlocked.

The Canal

Following the canal, Kayde found blood on the ground. An arrow in blood marked the way further down the canal. An exclamation point drawn in blood marked a dangerous trap. The canal emptied into Lake Tristan at the base of the mountain, where Kayde found the remains of an oily rope that held some kind of watercraft.

Troubled Premonitions

Kayde told Alyson to check out Anchordown, the nearest harbor. He slept for 30 min, and awoke to a massive explosion someone had triggered within the canal. Kayde tried to call Alyson, with no response. He hoofed it on foot to Anchordown, encountering another arrow marker along the way. It took an hour.


At Anchordown, Kayde found his car, locked, and Alyson missing. Upon investigation, two ships had come in late that night. The dockmaster was trying to hide the information. It was revealed that the two ships were The Starbreaker, and The Eronia. Kayde snuck on board the Eronia.

The Yacht

Disabling two guards, Kayde discovered that someone had been taken to a casino called ‘The Argento’. Further investigation revealed a Seahawk with rope matching that he found at the termination of the canal. He eventually found his way to a room with a wall covered with notes and photographs concerning Natalya Korolov: Patrol patterns, itinerary and scheduling. Kayde was ambushed by someone hiding in the room: Silas Layne.


Kayde and Silas battled their way through the yacht, discovering Alyson being held hostage in the theater room. They fight with Kaleb Dawson, who is cybernetically enhanced.

3xp, and 3 emergency dice were awarded for this session.

Session 1
The Eye

Kenkayde was in a car chase, pursuing a masked vigilante on a motorcycle known as ‘The Eye’. Her bike was totaled. He rescued her, dropping her off at a distant warehouse. He got a picture of her, as well as her phone number. She wasn’t happy.

The Sleaze

After returning home, Kayde discovered a man in his apartment trying to rob him. With help from his remote cameras, he was able to locate and disable the intruder, who turned out to be Jaron Karter, a local paparazzi for the well-known tabloid, the Lyon Revalator.

The Aspirant

After disabling Jaron, Kayde’s intercom rung up. Waiting on the street below was a young woman by the name of Alyson DeVries, who says that she is on the verge of a huge story, but needs Kayde’s help to pursue her lead: Evidently, Natalya Korolov, CEO of Northco, is missing.

2 xp and 1 emergency die were awarded for this session.


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