Into the Fire

Session 1


The Eye

Kenkayde was in a car chase, pursuing a masked vigilante on a motorcycle known as ‘The Eye’. Her bike was totaled. He rescued her, dropping her off at a distant warehouse. He got a picture of her, as well as her phone number. She wasn’t happy.

The Sleaze

After returning home, Kayde discovered a man in his apartment trying to rob him. With help from his remote cameras, he was able to locate and disable the intruder, who turned out to be Jaron Karter, a local paparazzi for the well-known tabloid, the Lyon Revalator.

The Aspirant

After disabling Jaron, Kayde’s intercom rung up. Waiting on the street below was a young woman by the name of Alyson DeVries, who says that she is on the verge of a huge story, but needs Kayde’s help to pursue her lead: Evidently, Natalya Korolov, CEO of Northco, is missing.

2 xp and 1 emergency die were awarded for this session.



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